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Here is a kindergarten class at James Bay elementary: don’t they look pleased with their first watercolour paintings ever?

In another kindy class, we put the paintings together to make a gorgeous watercolour quilt which was purchased at the school fair.

Making Mosaics at Monterey Elementary, 2003
Here are the mosaics a grade 6 class at Monterey made. They could have been put together to make a mosaic for the school wall, but the kids all wanted to take them home!
Paper Mosaics at Monterey Elementary, Oak Bay 2004

Paper mosaic, mounted on board and sealed with acrylic, made by the grade 6 students in Kelly Dodd’s class.

A close-up of part of the paper mosaic. The students each designed and made their own squares. Here are nine of them.

The above four photos show a mosaic I made with the help of Lana Rudd’s Grade 6/7 class at Monterey Elementary (now Monterey Middle School) in Oak Bay, on Vancouver Island.  It measures  4 feet x 8 feet, and is mounted on the wall in the new school lobby.  Each student in the class designed and made a square for the border from pre-cut tiles, and all students worked on the scene in the middle, which was derived from the school insignia and motifs the students identified as being part of their Oak Bay environment.

Here is the finished mosaic in situ:

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