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poems about change, movement, instability
by Anne Swannell
Ekstasis Editions, Victoria BC

The poems are divided into three sections: shifts in time, shifts in direction, and shifts in shape.

Canadian, plus shipping

A book by my Cat!
“Advice to Cats and Older Kittens”
edited and photographed by Anne Swannell
Rampant Swan Publishing, Victoria BC

It’s small enough to send along with a Christmas or birthday card, and lushly illustrated with photos of Moo-Cow and the staff at her current residence. Twenty one bits of advice that no cat should be without. Comes with its own envelope: purrfect!
(5" x 7")

Canadian plus mailing cost

A children’s picture book!
“The Lost Kitten of Toledo”
written and illustrated by Anne Swannell
Rampant Swan Publishing, Victoria BC

A fictional story in a real setting. A bat helps two children save a kitten which almost gets drowned in the ancient Spanish city of Toledo. 14 full-page colour illustrations and a map show actual buildings, bridges, and vistas.
(8” x 10”)

Canadian plus mailing cost


Social comment about one of Canada’ landmarks!
written and illustrated by Anne Swannell
Rowan Books, Edmonton, Alberta

This is a book of irreverent poems about the West Edmonton Mall, accompanied by photos. Published by Rowan Books in Edmonton in 1991, studied last year by writing students at the University of Alberta.
(5" x 8")

Reduced Price,
Canadian plus mailing cost

Book - Mall - by Anne Swannell

pocket-sized book of haiku and photos
“Drawing Circles on the Water”
written and illustrated by Anne Swannell
Rampant Swan Publishing, Victoria BC

Anne walked around Swan Lake in Victoria once a week for a year, writing a single haiku each time: so, 52 haiku that deal with every element from a slug on the path to snow falling off a branch, making a star on the ice. Pop it in with a card for someone’s birthday! (4" x 5")

Canadian plus mailing cost

Book - Drawing Circles on the Water by Anne Swannell



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