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Compare the design I submitted (above) with the finished mosaic
“Pacifica” Mosaic Mandala,
Sooke Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Sooke BC, 2000

I created this 13-piece mandala for the public swimming pool in Sooke, a small town an hour’s drive from Victoria. It measures 8 feet x 8 feet, and hangs next to the hot pool where people can relax and “get lost” in its three-point perspective. The centre circle shows normal perspective, while the other six circles represent both aerial and under-water views of the world. (Land-and-water formations AND undersea creatures simultaneously: how tricky is that? Tell me if you think it works!)

Hans Blohm Photo

“No Bed of Roses” Installation
Created for The Great Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa, May, 2002.

Nearly 2000 live tulips….like making a mosaic with flowers (that have to be replaced every four days!) I don’t know how big, fancy hotels manage to replace all their floral bouquets so often! Especially for big events and weddings—some events managers in large Montreal, New York, or bournemouth hotels must be used to ordering and moving thousands of flowers a week. But it is definitely a challenge! Then I fabricated the chicken wire quilt and the fabric covering, shipped them, the water vials, and the bedstead to Ottawa, and then hired people over the net to come and help me assemble the piece, together with several people who flew to Ottawa from Victoria.

Here is me and the bed on a cold rainy day at Major’s Hill Park, Parliament Buildings in the background.
“Florca” Mosaic Sculpture

Created for the 2004 Orcas-in-the-City project, Florca was purchased by RBC Financial Group, Douglas and Fort, Victoria, BC, for $6 000,
(the money went to BC Lions Society’s fund for children with disabilities).
Here is Florca having her skin stuck, piece by piece, onto her Fibreglas form. Later, the grout will be pushed down between the pieces and wiped off the surface,
Here is Florca’s garland, made of shells and broken china donated by friends, relatives, and
found at Chez Vivi.

Here is Florca taken on the day she was installed outside the bank. Unfortunately, she was vandalized early one morning a few days later, poor thing. After I repaired her, the bank decided to move her indoors where no-one was likely to attack her again. Florca currently resides in The Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney.

"Monterey Storm" mosaic, 4 ft. x 8 ft., Monterey
Middle School, 2007, made with the help of Lana Rudd's Grade 6-7 class.


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